Design and manufacture of a front desk.
fabricacion-meson-local-disec2 fabricacion-meson-local-disec1

2020 – GROOVY

We supported our client Groovy to promote their shop, with the installation of diverse graphics.
localcomercial-grafica-disec3  localcomercial-grafica-disec1

2020 – VOGT

We improved the exhibition area that Vogt keep on site for their clients, with the printing and installation of graphics in their units and installing exhibition furniture.
showroom-exhibidor-disec3 showroom-exhibidor-disec2 showroom-exhibidor-disec1

2019 – Puerto Capital

Installation of volumetric letters in acrylic for access hall and tempered glass slate in meeting room.
puertocapital-letrero-oficina-disec2 puertocapital-letrero-oficina-disec1

2019 – Schot

Another year accompanying our clients in conference Schot 2019.
stryker-schot-standferial-disec1 stryker-schot-disec1

2019 – Hw Medical

Design and manufacture of 12m2 Stand with our D-Flex system.

2019 – Nestlé

Manufacture of 24m2 and 32m2 stands for the Chilean Conference of Pediatrics held in Puerto Varas.
standferial-nestle-disec4 standferial-nestle-disec3 standferial-nestle-disec2 standferial-nestle-disec1

2019 – Kampar

Stand 6m2, with graphics printing, at 32nd Rheumatology Conference.
standferial-kampar-disec2 standferial-kampar-disec1

2019 – Juani Juana

We again supported Juani Juana in the printing and installation of graphic panels and furniture.
standferial-juanijuana-disec2 standferial-juanijuana-disec1

2019 – Papelito

Customer from Brazil relied on our manufacturing and leasing of 8m2 stand for Papelito Brazil.
standferial-dflex-papelito-disec3 standferial-dflex-papelito-disec2 standferial-dflex-papelito-disec1