enero, 2017

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PUERTO CAPITAL requested our expert assistance in a special weekend sale. For that, we designed and fitted out a sales area, and organized a cocktail service and all the required actions to ensure the success of the event.


2016- BTL MED

We designed and built out a 6m2 stand for BTL MED with our D-FLEX System, with which we achieved the client design requirements in combination with the benefits of renting a stand.


2016- PROMEDON, 12m2 stand

Our D-FLEX System once again achieved the Client design requirement.


2016- PROMEDON, 27m2 stand

Once again our client, PROMEDON participated in the SCHOT Congress.

This year we created an innovative design, generating a big 27m2 stand with our D-FLEX System which undoubtedly drew considerable notice at the exhibition.


2016- Special Kids Furniture

We designed and manufactured special furniture for our client and her child. To optimize the use of this shared space, the furniture incorporates a television, a desk and storage space for toys, keeping things tidy.