diciembre, 2014

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PROCHILE Stand, Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing for the Annual Meeting of ASEXMA event.


Here are the words of thanks from the Head of Marketing of Prochile:

“I want to first thank you for all the support we received from you in assembling and developing the Prochile stand in a very short time of for the Annual Meeting of ASEXMA. [I want to] take this opportunity to let you know it was a great success, undoubtedly it accomplished the impact we desired this was thanks to the joint effort.”

Andres Gebauer.



Felipe Didier Restaurant

Disec made its presence felt in one of the Felipe Didiers restaurants, delivering furniture design and manufacturing for the new opening that took place in the La Dehesa branch, Santiago.

Felipe Didier_01 Felipe Didier_02 Felipe Didier_03 Felipe Didier_05 Felipe Didier_06